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Our commitment is to deliver qualified professionals that meet or exceed your expectations, time after time. We know your business depends on it.


Our team is experienced, professional and dedicated to you. We’ll work together to meet your needs and provide top-notch candidates.


Because we place such a high value on building quality relationships and providing outstanding customer service, we will be a great partner for both candidates and our clients.

Our Mission 

Shannon Talent is more than an executive search company. We’re a team of people who place a high value on building trust with candidates and clients and are dedicated to the success of people and organizations. We do that by bringing to your attention information and concepts key to building healthy organizations, employees and relationships and offering our help when you need it.


"Frank Shannon truly delivered on his promise to us. He gave us highly qualified candidates who were a good fit for us and shepherded them with care through the entire process. In addition, he moved quickly, expertly and with great consideration of our timelines and needs."

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