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The Value of a Recruiter

October 6, 2016

How would you rate your networking skills on a scale of 1-10?  

Are you an expert?  Does the phrase “networking” make you cringe?  This is an important question for your professional career because finding a high-level job requires networking.  You might be at a stage in your life where it is time to elevate your career or maybe you have reached a high ranking position and now you are looking for that next professional challenge.  

We have met people with twenty years of experience who are currently executives and are searching for a new job because of an energy downturn or they are simply wanting to push themselves to a new level.


Let us break it to you, those high-level jobs, new challenges, and elevated positions are found through networking.


Look at the Data


The statistics are clear on networking:

  • An ABC News report stated 80% of jobs are landed from networking

  • A more recent LinkedIn report put that number up to 85%

The days of sending in resumes and completing online applications for a job are over.  Yes, there are people who receive interviews and even job offers from online applications, yet they are outliers.  

One of the realities with the human psyche is that we will point to an outlier and say, “I know this one person who did X.”  For that one person, there are hundreds who did not fall in the outlier category. Pointing at the fringes of data is a type of outlier bias where we look at the people who stick out instead of the vast majority.


The point should be clear: networking is key to finding a great job, especially at the executive level.


The Value of a Recruiter


Many people are fearful of networking.  Just Google “fear of networking.”  Over 1,200,000 articles appear as of the writing of this post.  In the articles you will find tips and tricks to overcome the awkwardness of going to events, reaching out to new people, and utilizing LinkedIn.


However, there is an obvious solution . . . utilize a professional recruiter.  Think about it logically, people are fearful of networking yet we know networking is essential to finding a job.  Recruiters are not fearful of networking, in fact a fundamental job skill of a great recruiter is to be a world class networker.


A recruiter’s main function is to match a candidate with an ideal company.  In essence the recruiter is networking for both sides.

The main goal of a recruiter is for the job seeker to thrive in their new role and for the company to be ecstatic with their new employee.  


Moving Forward


You might be at a place where it is time to look for a new position. Perhaps you have been with the same company for decades and now, due to a number of possible causes, it is time to find a high-level job.  


Networking is the key. If this is a new concept or maybe not your strength, then a recruiter is an ideal option as they are professional networkers. It can be strange to think about, yet we as recruiters like to network.  Have you ever met someone that enjoyed a type of food or music that you could not stand?  We all have.  Now take that mindset to a recruiter and networking.  We actually love to network and our passion is connecting a great candidate to a job that perfectly matches their skillsets, personality, and abilities.

If you have not thought about the value of a recruiter check out our services. We are ready to be your professional networker.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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